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Don't be a slave to the SEO Marketers. You can learn effective SEO in just a few hours.  
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SEO Easy, anyone can do it!

Why you should take the SEO-EZ Training Course?​

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  • ​​Better CTR (click through rate) than SEM.
  • Great long term investment for your business.
  • Save hundreds or even thousands of dollars vs. SEM and other types of advertising!
  • Get more traffic & customers at NO COST!
  • Builds trust and reputation.
  • Targeted Marketing.
  • Capitalize on your competition.
  • My course introduces you to FREE tools and resources!

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Why should I learn to do my own SEO?
If you are reading this, then chances are good, you are looking to increase traffic to your site.  Let's face it, paying for custom SEO can be very expensive and you may not really understand what you are paying for.  There are a variety of reasons business ownwers should learn to do their own SEO.  

  1. You'll get a better understanding of how search engines work.
  2.  You'll save thousands of dollars by performing your SEO work on your own. 
  3. SEO is a much better long term investment compared to SEM,  and other obosolete forms of advertising like print ads or even, television and radio which all have a limited life span. (unless you continute pay and pay)  
SEO EZ Services
  1. SEO Basics Full Course Training
    If you are a novice to SEO, you can enroll in the standard course: SEO Basics. This SEO course is conducted online. The SEO Basics course material is designed for novice to intermediate website builders with little to no SEO experience. This course includes all SEO training modules bundled into one course.
  2. SEO Consulting
    If you already have a basic understanding of SEO, but just need to talk to an SEO expert consultative services can be provided.
  3. Intro to Google Analytics
    The Intro to Google Analytics module will take you through the process of adding Google Analytics to your website. You'll gain an understanding of key metrics to track in order so that you can measure success. In addition, this course will introduce you to Google Search Console, creating an XML sitemap and getting your site fully indexed by Google.
  4. Intro to Schema Markup Training
    This module will explain what schema markup is including why and how it helps your website get more traffic. You'll be introduced to tools that help you integrate schema markup into your site as well validate it for errors. No coding experience required.
  5. Prerequisite Tutorial
    This module is for true SEO novices that don't know where to start. This tutorial is conducted only as a one-on-one session and will assure the you have access to and have created the required online accounts.
  6. Post Course Working Sessions
    These working sessions are provided for those that want to be coached through any process covered in the SEO Basics Full Course or any individual modules. Nearly any topic can be covered from beginning to end including creating page titles, meta tags, indexing and more!