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Michael Fehringer


A little about me and  After many years of consulting small business owners in the digital world, it became more and more obvious that there was a great need for webmasters and business owners to take ownership of their SEO marketing.  Like most things in the digital world technology changes quickly and SEO practices are no different.  As a former small business owner, I felt compelled to launchy and offer SEO training courses to individuals and small business owners on a more official scale thus launchingh in January 2020. 

Family and friends often ask me where and how I learned about SEO. The fact is, is that I got me feet wet out of necessesity.  It all started 20 years ago when I was working in the financial services industry.  The bursting of the tech bubble in Y2K was not kind to investment companies.  Lost most others my employer was laying of people by the dozens.  One could easily see the writing on the  wall.  I decided to create a back up plan and start my own small family business.  Working on a very small budget to get a website up and running, I dug in and learned how to build a basic website on my own.  Once the site was up and running, I found out that building the site was the easy part. Getting it found was a whole new story.  
After reading dozens of books,hundreds of articles and thousands of web pages, leaning what to do and what not to do, often by trial and error, I finally found myself to be quite knowledgable with regard to SEO practices.  The knowledge I gained helped me land a job with a webite hosting company were I further honed my SEO skills.  This employment gave me the opportunity to learn more from hundreds of customers needing web design and SEO services.  In recent years I've found that more and more people keep seeking me out  to assist them with their SEO programs.  

Having been a small business owner for several years I understand and empathize with this market and feel compelled to assist those in need.  Feel free to connect with my on my Linkedin page or contact me here