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Don't be a slave to the SEO Marketers. You can learn effective SEO in just a few hours.  
SEO Course Prerequisites
In order for you to get the most out of your SEO training course, it will be highly beneficial for you to do some basic preparation.  Please review the following SEO preperation checklist before you enroll. 

Who is this SEO Course designed for? 

This SEO Course is desinged for small business owners wishing to take control of their own SEO program and who wish to  be liberated from SEO and SEM Marketers. The curriculum in this course will be geared toward novice website builders with little or no SEO experience.  Because of the dozens of choices for website and domain hosting, it is required that attendees meet the minimum requirements below. This course will only discuss basic web design as it relates to SEO practices. There will not be any course content focusing on graphic design or overall website building. Course attendees should have at least very basic website building skills in so that they are comfortable navigating their own website building software. 

There will be no attempt to upsell any product or service outside of the courses offered on this site. The primary focus will be to introduce you to SEO strategies, and free but effective tools available to all webmasters. The goal is to teach all attendees how to take control of your online marketing SEO strategy without spending a dime beyone the cost of the course.

SEO Course Prerequisite Checklist

  • I can access and log-in to my domain hosting account.  (This may not be the same company that hosts your site) 
  • I already have a website published online that I can use in this course.
  • I have a Skype account. (most courses are live and online) 
  • I have a gmail email address and account. 
  • I have a desktop computer with the Chrome browser installed.
  • I have a headset with microphone attached to my computer.