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Don't be a slave to the SEO Marketers. You can learn effective SEO in just a few hours.  
SEO Course Details and Pricing
What does this course cover? 
Upon completion of this course, you'll have a full understanding of the complete SEO process.   

  1. Properly structure and optimize the content on your site to be SE friendly.
    1. Proper formatting of text
    2. Video optimization
    3. Image optimization
    4. Title optimization
    5. Schema Markup
    6. Keyword Analysis
    7. Optimize for page load speed 
    8. Mobile Friendly 
  2. Get your site indexed by all the major Search Engines.
    1. Understand how Search Engines index content
    2. Employ the indexing strategy that's right for your site
    3. Understand how to use Google Searchg Console
  3. Achive top page rankings
  4. Setup and understand analytics
    1.  Add Google Analytics to your site
    2. Learn what key performance metrics to track
  5. Understand how to do a competetive analysisys of you  competition.
  6. Understand "off page" optimizatrion
    1. How to leverage other sites
    2. Social Medial
    3. Blogs
    4. Directories
  7. Avoid Black Hat SEO tactics
Consulting Services

 1 on 1 Coaching:  Every onece in a while users just need a little extra hand holding.  1 on 1 coaching services can be provided upon request.  Initial consultations is free, while additional training and consulting will be charged at an hourly rate at a price based on difficulty. 

Group or Classroom Training: Available upon request. Charged at a predetermined hourly rate based on needs.